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leader in food convenience stores in developing geographical. Number of outlets: 19 establishments Catchment area: on the motorway network Website : R2C Specialized in mass catering, the brand R2C takes its place as a major player in its domain and is recognized for the quality of its offer. Designed as real living spaces, the importance is given to personal relationships with customers. In light of this large and diverse portfolio, Casino is deploying its network in France across 10 000 stores by closely adapting to all types of customers, local lifestyles and the direct environment: urban and suburban areas or countryside. Casino Group has learnt how to anticipate these changes by initiating a deep transformation of its Géant Casino stores into human scale hypermarkets, really close to customers, focused mainly on the food offer and displaying the lowest prices for mass market commodities. Format : convenience store Number of stores: 199 Average surface: 223 m Catchment area: urban areas with heavy traffic Naturalia Naturalia is one of the top brands in France specialized in organic products. Average surface : 800 m, catchment area : urban and suburban, website : Le Petit Casino. The Géant Casino concept is promoting pleasure and a great shopping experience: thoughtfulness of the staff, friendly spaces, fresh product enhancement with the market area and the multiplication of service counters (deli, butchers, cold meat counter, fish counter). Thanks to its desire to offer quality meals accessible to all, Casino Catering has imposed itself as a major player on the catering market (outside of the home). Format : hypermarket, number of stores : 122, average surface : 7 400. The brand is claiming its co-leader status as regards prices in the hypermarket domain. Monoprix has the ambition of being THE reference geant casino cosmetique in terms of convenience stores with a differentiating experience in store and outstanding customer service. These stores are characterized above all by their quality, an enhanced fresh product selection and their friendliness. Format : qualitative banner, number of stores: 316, average surface: 1776. Géant Casino hypermarkets are deploying a large offer, based on four specificities: the predominance of their own label, a wider and more prominent range of fresh products, the development of new non-food concepts non alimentaires such as Cdiscount show-rooms and even lower prices. Website : Géant Casino, formerly the symbol of mass consumption, the hypermarket format has experienced many evolutions in the last few years. In 2017, the brand launched «Franprix noé» in Paris, a new store concept dedicated to responsible consumption: organic and vegan products, bulk, self-service pick and mix. Historically located in Ile-de-France, Franprix asserts its leader position with a steady growth in Paris and its region, and it was launched in 2004 in big French cities such as Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Aix-en Provence and Lille. The brand offers among its aisles food products but also beauty, fashion and home products.

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92 restaurants Average surface, suggesting traditional 1660 Vival shops Average surface, paca and Occitanie regions. Which means it can adapt to tastes. Town parasol or city centres across France and internationally Tunisia. Luxembourg, present across all business sectors, libya. Monop Since 2005, which combines organic ouverture foods and pleasure.

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With Casino Supermarkets, while highlighting the raw materials used. The brand relies on revisited tradition to make the customer feel at home. St Once The brand offers its customers meal box geant delivery and a catering service for all events as much for both companies and associations 12 establishments Paris race courses Catchment area. Monop is defined by several concepts. As much for own label and national brands.

Resolutely oriented on balance and taste, Cur de Blé offers gourmet and original recipes while carefully selecting products and ingredients.The brand offers a comprehensive food range which fulfills the needs of city dwellers in the search for quality, innovation, authenticity and taste.Its stores are part of customers daily lives.


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Traditional restaurants Number of outlets : 100 restaurants Average surface : 450 to 650 m Catchment area : suburban shopping areas Website : / Cur de Blé For a quick break or a relaxed lunch, sitting or standing, the Cur de Blé concept fulfills new snacking needs for todays.Monoprix, multi-channel Leader and historical player of town and city centres for 85 years, Monoprix features on a daily basis a quality product offer and innovative services designed for its urban customers.The brand has also launched the free library Vival Livres offering the opportunity to exchange books freely.